Safario Steel offers a complete steel construction solution

Innovative custom design and production facilities 3 Decades of achievements in
Bespoke sheet metal fabrications
and facades systems
Capability to build Fire rated
Façade system as per
Civil Defense authorities
Architectural Facades,
Perforation cladding, Mashrabiya cladding,
Car parking facade and many…..


Welcome to Safario

MS perforated sheets in Dubai, Ss Perforated Sheets, Perforated Facades in Dubai, Perforated columns in UAE

Safario has the capability to create innovative and technologically advanced custom designed architectural facade systems. Our 3 decades of extensive expertise in those areas made us associate with prominent business houses to their valuable custom needs. Our products ranges from Architectural Facades, perforated cladding, mashrabiya cladding, expanded metal mesh cladding and car parking façade. our experienced team of design engineers and production specialists handle all aspects of metal façade and cladding systems to deliver client expectations.

Our range of MS Perforated Sheets, SS Perforated Sheets, and Aluminium Perforated Sheet redefine excellence in sheet metal fabrication.

Unmatched Strength: MS Perforated Sheets
Our MS Perforated Sheets boast unparalleled strength, making them the go-to choice for robust applications. From industrial machinery to architectural projects, experience durability that stands the test of time.

Stainless Steel Sophistication: SS Perforated Sheets
Elevate your designs with the elegance of SS Perforated Sheet. Resistant to corrosion, these sheets combine style with functionality, making them ideal for diverse applications, from contemporary architecture to precision engineering.

For projects requiring a delicate balance of strength and weight, our Aluminium Perforated Sheets shine. Their lightweight yet sturdy composition makes them perfect for aerospace, interior design, and more.

Trust Steric to deliver precision, customization, and durability in every sheet. Your projects deserve the best, and that’s exactly what our perforated sheets bring to the table. Choose Steric for excellence in every perforation.

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Architectural Facades

Custom made aesthetic architectural facades are the specialties of Safario. We execute any requirements from concept …

Car Parking Façade

Our extensive range of car parking façade allows you to choose and specify the right façade system for your car parking structure.

Expanded Metal Mesh Cladding

We are capable to produce distinctive architectural expanded metal mesh cladding that is perfectly tailored to your project needs.