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Safario brings to you the largest variety of perforation patterns in every style to accommodate even the most intricate or complex designs.  Our success stems partially from the latest, high-end perforating equipment and punches we have at our facility, making us adept at creating fine-quality perforated metal patterns. The rest of our success comes from the efforts of our tooling division, which is skilled at generating a wide range of designs and shapes and truly knows how to fulfill all needs & requirements of every client.

Perforated sheets in UAE

Mild Steel Perforated Sheets

The best quality in the region, we are the leading suppliers of mild steel perforated sheets in the Emirates, that are suitable for a wide range of applications. They come in handy for manufacturing display stands, street furniture, shop fittings, among other projects.

Our perforated mild steel sheets come in round and staggered pitch with either square or round holes; also available in a range of other decorative holes; all of which clients can get in their choice of hole sizes and sheet thicknesses.

Stainless Steel Perforated Sheets

Safario’s perforated stainless steel sheets are available in various hole sizes, pitches, patterns, and sheet sizes. These steel sheets are an excellent choice for many internal and external projects due to their flexibility and desirable features, like corrosion resistance and heat tolerance.

These sheets also come in handy in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and medical fields. One can spot the SS sheets deployed for filtration, sterilization, flooring, and architectural infill panels, among other things.

Galvanized Perforated Sheets

Our galvanized perforated sheets use the finest stainless steel, low carbon, copper, and aluminum plates. Safario’s galvanized perforated sheets are lightweight, with a sturdy build and precise design that makes them excellent for various industrial applications Known for their high performance, the sheets are made considering dimensional precision and long-term wear and tear, complete with rust-proof surfaces.

Aluminum Perforated Sheets

It’s a fact: aluminum is simpler to work with and offers more customization freedom. Our perforated aluminum sheet delivers exceptional corrosion resistance, thanks to an oxide coating that develops on the surface upon exposure to air, inhibiting deterioration. Therefore, during its service life, no maintenance or anti-rust coating is needed for the most part.

Safario offers perforated aluminum sheets with circular, rectangular, square, hexagonal, and slotted patterns, among many other hole patterns.Depending on the client’s specific project specifications, decorative hole patterns and designs can also be offered, including anodizing to replace it with a new color and tensile finish strength.

Decorative Perforated Sheets

We produce a dynamic range of decorative patterns alongside various finishes, including powder coating, galvanizing, and anodizing. Our decorated perforated patterns are available in one hole or with various hole sizes and shapes, depending entirely on what the client wants. We are also open to custom patterns and pitches.

With a high strength-to-weight ratio, primarily when round holes are used, our decorative perforated sheets are ideal for shaping into three-dimensional shapes to augment strength within your project.Popular applications for decorative perforated metal sheets include cladding,  ceiling tiles, balustrade infill, art & sculpture, etc.